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We welcome your interest in joining our family of members at the Peninsula Yacht Club. We currently offer three types of Memberships.

Social Membership
Individuals who join under the Social Membership Classification at the Peninsula Yacht Club are entitled to use of all the Social Dining Facilities, Pool, Ship Store and use of Transient Slips and Fuel Dock of the Club. A Social Membership carries full immediate family privileges for use of the club. There is an one time initiation fee for a Social Membership and is a non refundable, non equity membership. For this classification of membership there is a one time initiation fee and monthly Clubhouse Dues required.

Yacht Membership
Individuals who join under the Yacht Membership classification at the Peninsula Yacht Club will not only have full usage of the Club for themselves, but this privilege is also extended to their immediate families. They will have the exclusive use of a designated slip at the marina and will also be entitled to use all of the social facilities and activities, wellness programming, and pool at the Club. For this classification of membership there is a one time initiation fee, monthly Clubhouse Dues plus the current rate for the size slip assigned.

Corporate Membership
Corporate Membership is available in both Yacht and Social categories. This permits (1) Primary Designee and up to (3) Associate Social Desig­nees within the Company. In the case of Corporate Yacht Membership, the Primary Designee occupies the boat slip and the other designated members and their family will obtain a Social Membership.

For more information please contact:

Clair Knox
Membership Director
704-892-9858 x2031

If you're inquiring about hosting a wedding, private party, or meeting, please click here. If you're inquiring about membership please see below.

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